Automation & The Industry

An animated documentary originally created for CSPAN StudentCam 2020


Automation & the Industry is an 2020 C-SPAN StudentCam Competition. Our video raises both the benefits and many concerns over the rise of automation in America's industries. The question we ask the 2020 presidential candidates is: "What will you do about the growing adoption of automation and artificial intelligence that will displace millions of workers?"


SEVA Award A 2020 SEVA Award was given to Automation & the Industry for the 9-12 grades documentary category.

The Student Educational Video Awards (SEVA) is a contest that celebrates the talents and visions of student producers in the Sacramento Region. The SEVA Award is the highest honor for a video in a category.
Certificate of Merit Automation & The Industry was awarded a Certificate of Merit from the Northern California NATAS Student Awards.

The Certificate of Merit is the second highest award, with the Pillar of Excellence being the first.


Lead Animator, Editor, Writer Raymond Wang Assistant Animator, Narrator, Writer Benjamin Wong Assistant Writer Arvinder Dhillon Interviews Brandon Shin Vince Wong Christopher Shuping Jason Martins Music Jason Shaw Raymond Wang Special Thanks Brad Clark Video Copilot C-SPAN Additional Assets ABB ROBOTICS Triumph Of America: Handy C-SPAN Dust Textures